Our Story

The Stuff legends are made of ...

Amiel’s the Original Submarine, opened for business on August 5th, 1963 at the corner of W. Main St. & Brown St., better known to Rochestarians as Bulls Head!

Others claim a history of sub sandwiches, however, Amiel’s is Rochester’s Original Submarine Sandwich. Since then, many have tried but none have duplicated the taste & quality of an Amiel’s the Original Submarine sandwich.

Amiel built his business by using only the finest ingredients; crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, thin sliced onions, the finest meats and, of course, his secret special dressing (every batch still made by hand). Today we still use the same quality recipes to deliver to you that unforgettable taste.

In 1968, encouraged by the success of his subs, Amiel introduced the Beef-A-Miel. To this day, customers tell us the mere image of the grinning steer on our logo invokes a craving for this Rochester favorite. Today we "Slow Roast" approximately 1,000 lbs. per week of USDA Eye of the Round Beef, sliced thin to order for that "mouth watering” Roast Beef sub or sandwich.

In 1990, once again Amiel’s pioneered the industry. We built the markets 1st in-house bakery and set the standard for all other area sub shops. From the moment you walk through our doors you will smell the aroma of fresh baked rolls as we bake in small batches to keep the bread “fresh” all day long. We welcome you to peek in our revolving ovens displayed proudly in the center of our shoppes.

If you want the finest Submarine Sandwich and a trip down memory lane, then stop by and pay us a visit!

Amiel Jr.